Meet Brandon

Brandon has been blessed to live in Placer County for the past 42 years. He, and Billie, his wife of 27 years together have raised three wonderful sons and have been recently blessed with their first grandchild.  Brandon is one of three brothers who all devoted their careers to public service. His older brother, Bill Bean Jr., was a Sacramento Police Officer who was tragically killed in the line of duty in 1999.  His younger brother, Chris Bean, teaches at the 12 Bridges High School and coaches their football team.  

Brandon’s education started at Colfax elementary school and graduated from Colfax High School.  Brandon has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and graduated from the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute.  

In addition to his service as a peace officer, Brandon was involved in youth sports in the Colfax area serving as coach for each of his three sons as well as coaching two years of high school baseball for Colfax High School. Brandon also served as president of the Sierra Foothills Little League for several years.  Brandon, along with his family, supports his brother’s memory with his work for the Bill Bean Jr. Memorial Foundation which provides scholarships to many of the high schools located in Placer County. 

Brandon has served the community as a law enforcement officer in Placer County for 22 years. He worked at the Roseville Police Department before moving to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.  He has served our community as a Crimes Against Persons Detective and as a member of the SWAT (Roseville PD) and the Special Enforcement Team (Placer County) for 13 years.  He has served in our corrections facility and in a task force designed to fight the distribution of narcotics in our county. He currently serves as the Administrative Sergeant in the Sheriff’s Department. 

Brandon, supported by his family and his friends, is seeking to serve his community by seeking the Office of Sheriff. In this position Brandon can bring his energy and passion for public service along with experience to protect the county that has raised him, and he and his family have always called home. 

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