The homeless population in our county is a difficult issue that must be addressed by our leaders.  We clearly need a plan to help ensure those who wish to escape homelessness do so.  I do not know that spending $17,000,000 dollars to purchase a hotel that has 58 rooms in the middle of Roseville is the answer, particularly when the recent census suggests we have over 700 homeless individuals in our county.  We need to address why the numbers are rising in our county and work closely with our partners to address services that result in successful transitioning from homelessness to long-term housing.

The Sheriff’s role in this issue focuses on making sure that homeless individuals are protected. It is unfortunate but there are many serious crimes that occur within the homeless community. It is also the responsibility to protect the citizens from the homeless population that have criminal histories or who are committing crime against our citizens and against the businesses of this county.    

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